Behavior Transformation by IoT International Workshop (BTIW2023) Outline

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Title The 1st Behavior Transformation by IoT International Workshop (BTIW2023)
Host organization Activity and Behavior Computing(ABC2023)
Workshop dates Sep.7th.-9th.2023
Venue DFKI, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Access: RPTU (the University of Kaiserslauern - Landau)
Registration Please registrate from the ABC2023 website
・Non-Student Author/Participant (On-site and Online): USD240
・Student Author (On-site and Online): USD120

BTIW Special Track program

Session chair : Tadashi Okoshi, Keio University

  1. Effect of Real-Time Feedback on Posture Improvement during Core Training, Keisuke Sato; Guillaume Lopez
  2. Subjective Stress and Heart Rate Variability Patterns: A Study on Harassment Detection, Takahiro Ueno; Masayoshi Ohashi
  3. False-Modesty Dialogue system: Knowledge level control of dialogue agents that induces user assistance behavior, Masaki Shuzo; Yuta Kitabayashi; Eisaku Maeda
  4. Let's Do as Friends Do: An Approach for Encouraging Social Behavior Transformation, Akinari Sakai; Takashi Hamatani; Keiichi Ochiai; Toru Otaki; Takashi Suzuki; Satoshi Hiyama; Akira Yamada; Takuya Shirai; Yutaka Arakawa
  5. Development of a Smartphone Case for Horror Movie Experience Augmentation, Takeshi Shiba; Reika Takeshita; Guillaume Lopez

Regular papers / Poster-Demo papers



Behavior Transformation by IoT International Workshop (BTIW2023)

The IPSJ special interst group on Behavior Transformation by IoT (BTI) was established in April 2022 for the purpose of broadly discussing research on behavior transformation solutions combined with IoT. As the dynamism in society and our lifestyles increases, such as the epidemic of new infectious diseases, lisfestyle-related diseases, and climate change, it is necessary to promote "behavior transformation" that can achieve harmony with society while respecting individual life and the related relationship between people and people. There is a need for a forum for discussing the relationship between technologies from multiple perspectives.

The 1st BTI International Workshop will be hosted at ABC2023( held on September 7-9 2023 at DFKI site in Kaiserslautern, Germany.
It will bring together researchers from both academia and industry to explore the connection between activity and behavior computing technologies and behavior transformation.

Not only within the academia but also with companies that support behavior transformation, collaboration is progressing, and in addition to regular research papers presentations (oral presentations) and demonstration/poster presentations, research and initiatives related to behavioral transformation support in research units and companies will be introduced. We are also looking for presentations for corporate session.

We invite researchers and students to submit there works and actively discuss information technology research related to IoT and behavior transformation, including data analysis and modeling including behavior recognition and machine learning, information presentation and actuation technology. We also hope that various companies will introduce their initiatives such as examples of social implementation, and that it will become a place for collaboration between researchers and companies.

Please feel free to contribute.

「情報処理学会 IoT行動変容学研究グループ」は、IoTを組み合わせた行動変容に関する研究について幅広く議論する目的で2022年4月に設立されました。新型感染症の流行や気候変動をはじめとして、社会や我々の生活様式におけるダイナミズムが増す中、個人の生活を尊重しながら社会との調和を実現できるような「行動変容」や、それにまつわる人と技術の関わり合いについて、多面的な側面から議論する場が求められています。




The 1st Behavior Transformation by IoT International Workshop (BTIW2023)

Workshop dates Sep.7th.-9th.2023
Venue DFKI, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Presentation style
  • Regular presentation (oral)
    *You can select [a]on-site (recommended) or [b]online
  • Poster and/or Demo presentation (oral)
    * only on-site
  • Corporate session (oral)
submission instructions <<Schedule>>
  1. Abstract: May.25th.2023 23:59 (JST)
  2. Manuscript: June.1st.2023 23:59 (JST)
    (send the pdf to bti-sympo_papers[at]
・Manuscript Template:: (ABC template)
・Manuscript Submission:  submission system. Choose BTI workshop track)
           <<manuscript page number>>
  • regular paper: 8〜 pages
  • poster/demo paper: 4〜6 pages
  • corporate session: 2〜4 pages
Contact information IPSJ BTIIW organization committee
Contact address: bti-sympo_papers[at]